Sogetsu Study Group in Jordan, Randa Muammar Kawar  

Sogetsu Seiko Study Group /Jordan was established in November 2012 by Mrs. Randa Muammar Kawar first Grade Somu, Dr. Larissa Al-Uar , Mrs. Kany Al-Jaff Dr. Yasmin Al-Attar Lozi and Mrs. Rudaina Muammar Haddadin Fourth Grade Diploma teachers .
It started in 2007 as a group, previously Mrs. Randa was one of the Sogetsu founders in Jordan since 2002.

Seiko study group slogan is "Friends are Flowers that never fade" and Its main goal is to build bridges between Seiko Study group and the public to reflect this spiritual art to the Jordanians and their friends, believing that Sogetsu can be practiced anywhere, anytime with anything.

Mrs Randa and others attended regular workshops by Mrs. Elsbeth Von-Siebenthal Riji Grade /Geneva Branch and Senseis from Japan. Regular Workshops continue taking place for members, exhibiting to the public, Ikebana International Jordan Chapter and YWCA.

However,solo exhibitions were held as follows:
- Gallery 13 with 16 Jordanian artists in 2011
- Rais-Elain Gallery / Greater Amman Municipality in 2012( Re -use exhibition)
- Jordan Museum /2013 ( Time - Zone )
- King Hussein Park / 2014 (Golden week , children festival)

For more information please contact:
- Chairperson; Mrs. Randa Muammar Kawar
- Co-chairperson; Mrs. Larissa Al-Uar
- E-mail: or
- Facebook: Seikosogetsu study group
- Fax: +96265921190






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