Sogetsu Study Group in Jordan, President Huda Fallaha  

Mrs. Huda Fallaha was president of Ikebana International Jordan Chapter in 2002.
Fallaha invited Sogetsu first grade teacher, Mrs. Lina Ioannidou from Cyprus to
conduct a demonstration and ten introductory sessions in Sogetsu Ikebana to club members.

In April 2007, Mrs. Sanae Maeda from the Board of Directors of the Sogetsu School in Japan was hosted by the group leader Fallaha, to Conduct workshops to the Sogetsu Jordan Study Group. Mrs. Maeda granted the approval to establish Sogetsu Study Group in Jordan.  Fallaha continues to invite some of the most high-ranking professors to Amman to conduct workshops and demonstrations.

Currently there are three Jordanian members of the Sogetsu teacher
association holding teaching diplomas from the Sogetsu School:Huda Fallaha, a fourth grade diploma teacher, Thana al Khatib and Amal Hayek. Regular workshops continue taking place for members of Sogetsu Study group and Ikebana school members.

For more information please contact Mrs. Huda Fallaha  +96279-5209619






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