Ohara Jordan chapter, President Fatina Kabariti.

  The Ohara School of Ikebana Jordan Chapter was founded in April 2001. The Chapter was inaugurated under the Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan. It hosts 70 talented and active members. In 1991,Mrs. Kabariti was appointed by Headquarters as Head of the Jordan Ohara Study Group that was transformed into a Chapter in 2001, becoming the first chapter in the Middle East.

  Kabariti, 2nd Master, is a member of the European Ohara Teachers Association, (EOTA) a member of the Netherlands Ohara Chapter, Swiss Ohara Chapter, and the Greek Ohara Chapter. Fatina has been teaching regularly since 1994, conducting demonstrations, workshops and participating in various exhibitions.
  "I am honored to represent the Ohara School of Ikebana in Jordan, being entrusted with the presidency by Headmistress Wakako Ohara. Ikebana is the bond between the arranger and nature, the love and passion for the beauty in nature which is shared by Ikebana Members. As you study Ikebana, it is important to enjoy the serenity of the moment. It is a moment of bliss that creates a sense of peace and tranquility. While practicing ikebana inner feelings are reflected whereby a person has the opportunity to create a unique and special arrangement. Likewise, Ikebana sheds light on the hidden secrets of nature and beauty."

Instructors of Ohara school of Ikebana Jordan Chapter

Fatina Kabariti, Layla Sweis, Helga Khurma, Nisreen Al Suki, Wafa Kawas and Hind Shalan, The chapter offers regular workshops, with local and international instructors.

For more information please contact one of the “teaching” instructors:
Mrs. Fatina Kabariti, 2nd Master, +962 6 5924302.
Mrs. Layla Sweis, 3rd Master, +962 6 5677244.
Mrs. Nisreen Al Suki, 4th Master, +962 6 5925442.






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