The Jordan Chapter of I.I. received a certificate of appreciation from Mrs. Shizuyo Nakayama, the International president in Tokyo, for their enormous efforts and cooperation of Jordan Chapter's great contribution to the Cherry Membership Drive-Stage I. June 2005.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan awarded Jordan Chapter of Ikebana International the Foreign Minister's Commendation for its contributions to friendship and mutual understanding between Japan and Jordan through the promotion of Japanese art of Ikebana. Ikebana International Jordan Chapter is a single group to be recognized from the Middle East and Africa for the year 2007.

Mr. Shigenobu Kato, Ambassador of Japan in Jordan, held an award presentation ceremony at his official residence in Amman to honor the commendation of Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan to Jordan Chapter of the Ikebana International on 8 November 2007.

The Ambassador received a thoughtful gift from the Jordan Chapter





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