President, Alia Armouti Homoud

President's Message

It gives me great pleasure to extend to everyone of you my profound appreciation for all the support you have given me to become President of the Jordan Chapter of Ikebana International.

As a young girl, I was always enchanted with nature. Even though I always felt that flowers do have souls, unlike what most people believe, I never knew how to express it. Today, as an Ikebana devotee, I find that the flowers in my arrangements help me express what I cannot in simple words. The simplicity of the Ikebana arrangements and the might of their expression bring so much happiness and joy. I did not realize that the glory of nature can be transferred into a simple pot. And today, as I arrange, I feel so close to nature and its creator. These moments transmit plenty of joy and relaxation to the body and soul. I look forward to working with each and every one of you in achieving our common objectives.


Mrs. Alia Homoud, President of the Ikebana International Jordan Chapter who assumed her post in September 2008, and Mrs. Hind Shalan, the former president, visited the Ambassador on 25 September 2008.


Committee Members for 2008-2010


Nisreen Suki, Basma Alami, Hind Dajani, Mona F. Sweis, Hala Makdah, Muna Anz, Naneice Madi, Alia Armouti Homoud, Faten Al-Saoudi, Doha Abdul Hadi, Hind Sha'lan, Silvie Sukljian, Ahlam Shammas Kashkoush, Suhair Miqdadi.


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